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Restaurants serving cuisines from various countries may be found around Pacific Business Hotel, any of which as amazingly delicious and unforgettable as others. The rich variety of different cultures here allows the visitors to experience all sorts of cuisines in Taipei.


N.Y. BAGELS introduced bagels from New York in 1998, opening the first bagel shop in Taiwan. In 2004, N.Y. BAGELS then transformed into restaurant, serving American Brunch all day long, successfully created a trend of Brunch in the country.

N.Y. BAGELS insists on using safe and healthy ingredients, importing the freshest bagels from New York, which were delivered to Taiwan after being freeze-dried.

N.Y. BAGELS serves the most classic American food, constantly changing their menu with seasons, providing their customers with healthy, delicious choices of food.


N.Y.BAGELS CAFE―Official Website Menu

Location: No.147, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106 Google Map

3 minutes’ drive from Pacific Business Hotel (1.2 km)

Mosque Chinese Beef Restaurant

Mosque Chinese Beef Restaurant was opened in 1957 at Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd. in Taipei, serving fresh beef dishes certified by Taipei Grand Mosque. Back then there were much fewer people who accept beef cuisines; in order to provide the public with opportunity to appreciate its delicious flavor and enjoy its high nutrient value, they served clear-broth stewed beef noodles in front of the restaurant free of charge; this later became a common memory for many local Taipeiers.

In 1977, they opened the first beef noodles restaurant in Shin Kong recreational department store at Nanjing W. Rd., and had been running the beef noodles restaurant ever since. Mosque Chinese Beef Restaurant insists using non-frozen beef of Taiwanese origin certified by Taipei Grand Mosque. They had been dedicating to make traditional flavors of the beef noodles to become more delicate and refined, while also developing new dishes that possess both traditional delicacy and novel, unique tastes for their customers. This is the principle that they hold for years.


Mosque Chinese Beef Restaurant―Facebook Page

Location: B1, No. 19, Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110 Google Map

5 minutes’ drive from Pacific Business Hotel (1.7 km)

The Diner

Casually enjoying a plate of healthy and delicious brunch is one of the greatest treat in life. Pick a lovely Saturday afternoon to sit beside the window and bath under the sunshine after a whole morning’s sleep in, and treat yourself with amazingly delicious brunch―what else could you ask for?

The first Diner restaurant is opened at a small alley of  Rui’an Street in March 2006. The Diner serves classic American cuisine that soon became very popular among customers, starting a trend of American brunch in Taiwan.

We still hold onto our principles after all this time―we use fresh ingredients and cook classic American dishes; we provide a friendly, casual and relaxing dining environment; we serve American brunch all day long; and our menu is of many healthy and nutrient choices! Thanks to the experience we have learned over time, and the continued support of our customers, the Diner had been improving and growing. There are now four Diner restaurants in Taipei, each has its own unique characteristics. We would continue developing new dishes, and are always looking forward to your visit!


The Diner―Official Website  Menu

Location: No. 12,  Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110 ( ATT4fun 1F ) Google Map

4 minutes’ drive from Pacific Business Hotel (1.3 km)

Osteria by Angie

Osteria by Angie: an Italian restaurant serving the most classic Italian food. Here in Osteria by Angie, you can find the freshest ingredients that are all carefully selected; excellent and also sincere cooking; the most customer-friendly dining environment; and the best service that makes you feel like home. We hope that all customers dining in our restaurant would feel comfortable and relaxed, and like it here as an old friend. Come and enjoy the joy and delicacy we provide you with!


Osteria by Angie―Official Website  Menu

Location: No.33, Ln. 280, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106 Google Map

5 minutes’ drive from Pacific Business Hotel (0.95 km)

Taiwan Bistro

Grab something that you are comfortable with to eat, and be yourself without having to cover up what you really are―no need for pretentiousness, just enjoy! Taiwan Bistro is a Taiwanese type gastropub, we insist on:

1. Preserving Taiwanese flavors; we serve local cuisines and drinks, and are always exploring new flavors in traditional Taiwanese food;

2. Treat the smallest piece of food with equal care and focus; we provide only safe and healthy food, allowing our customers to enjoy delicious cuisines without having to worry about health or safety; we serve the dishes that are so commonly seen everywhere yet rarely done properly;

3. Being the Taiwanese version of the “Midnight Diner” at the street corner; perfect for either gatherings or after-work relaxing; you drink casually, yet there is nothing casual about our attitude for serving our customers!

We serve:

★ Traditional Taiwanese braised dishes and snacks, and Taiwanese flavor local cuisines using local ingredients

☆ Dozens of locally brewed craft beers, and imported beers, sakes, liquors and House Specials that go well with our dishes

★ Choices of wines recommended by the wine expert Sam Liu (劉善農) that go well with our dishes

☆ No excuses needed for enjoying yourself! Cheers!


Taiwan Bistro― Facebook Page

Location: No.12, Aly. 315, Ln. 150, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110 Google Map

7 minutes’ drive from Pacific Business Hotel (1.9 km)