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Pacific Business Hotel is located in Xinyi District, only 7 minutes’ walk from the MRT station. With the public transportation system becoming more convenient, and the concept of environmental protection rising over the years, the number of people relying on the MRT system to wander around Taipei also increases. There are no tall buildings and busy traffic―it’s like the Taipei city you never knew before. Slow down your pace, put on your earphone, get onto the MRT, and appreciate the city in a different view.

Breathing the fresh air and look up at the stars in the sky―Xiangshan Hiking Trail

Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain) in the Xinyi District (southeast of Taipei basin) is named because of its elephant-like shape. Xiangshan, like Hushan (Tiger Mountain), is a sandstone mountain; owing to orogeny, mountain walls and rocks of yellowy brownish color may be seen along the trail. In the mountains, there contains a rich variety of wild lives in the natural environment, making Xiangshan almost resembles a natural eco-theme park perfect for people to get to know about mountains, and enjoy the greenery outdoors in the nature.


Xiangshan Hiking Trail 

Location: Aly. 22, Ln. 150, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Access: MRT to Xiangshan Station → 5 minutes’ walk

A Peak into the Prosperous Age―Hexing Coal Mine

Hexing Coal Mine is located in the busy, modern Xinyi district; few knows about the old mine pit hidden besides Sung Shan Tsu Hui Temple. The rear section of Wuxing Street in Xinyi District was once a heavy industry coal-mining area, where mine tubs may be seen frequently back in the old days. With the development of Taipei city, Hexing Coal Mine was gradually out of use over time. After redesigning and planning conducted by Geotechnical Engineering Office of Public Works Department of Taipei City Government, the place is now a tourist sight, providing visitors with history background and stories of the mine.


Hexing Coal Mine

Location: Aly. 471, Ln. 150, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Access: MRT to Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station → 15 minutes’ on UBIKE

Where Cultures of Military Dependents’ Village and New Generation Collide―Forty-four South Village

Xinyi Public Assembly Hall (Forty-four South Village) consists of four buildings (A, B, C and D), locating at Songqin Street in Xinyi District, Taipei. The Assembly Hall was originally an old site of the first military dependents’ village (Forty-four South Village). With economic development, and with the development of Xinyi commercial district and military dependents’ village reconstruction policy, the residents gradually moved out of the village. It is until 2001 that Forty-four South Village is listed as a historical building, and thus the four buildings were preserved and redesigned to become Xinyi Public Assembly Hall (Forty-four South Village) and Cultural Park. It was officially opened in October 2003, a memorial place for the history and culture of old military dependents’ village, allowing new generations to get a glimpse at the charms of the old village back then.


Forty-four South Village

Location: No. 50, Songqin St., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Access: MRT to Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station → 5 minutes’ walk

A Place Differs Greatly between Day and Night―Lin Jiang Street Tourist Night Market

Lin Jiang Street Tourist Night Market is a cross-shaped tourist night market, including Lane 39 of Tonghua Street and Lin Jiang Street. It is a shopping paradise for women. In the daytime, it is a local traditional market selling all sorts of fish, meat and vegetables, attracting housewives to come for their regular shopping for ingredients they need in the kitchen. This is also the reason why it became a get-together gathering place for housewives, mothers or retired women. As the sunset draws closer, it is now the opening hours for stores selling clothes and accessories and stands and vendors selling snacks along the streets, ready to welcome waves of visitors coming to the tourist night market. Lin Jiang Street Tourist Night Market is of excellent position, locating close to Taipei 101, the World Trade Center, Xinyi Commercial Area, and Vieshow Cinema. Visit Lin Jiang Street Tourist Night Market after a day’s shopping at Xinyi District to experience the local culture and charms.


Lin Jiang Street Tourist Night Market

Location: Lin Jiang Street, Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106

Access: MRT to Xinyi Anhe Station → 5 minutes’ walk

A Cozy Relaxing Afternoon inside the Busy City―Qingtian Street

Qingtian Street is one of the street blocks that you should not miss in Taipei city. Wander around the street and allow the shades of trees to take away the summer heat; sunlight shimmering through the leaves and onto the Japanese wooden building that has a hundred years of history. Walk across the alley and into one after another redesigned old houses―restaurants, galleries, tea houses, book shops…here, countless untold stories are waiting for you to hear, and the memories and life of old buildings would continue to go one, now and forever.


Qingtian Street

Location: Qingtian St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106

Access: MRT to Daan Park Station → 15 minutes’ walk

World of Delicacy―Yongkang Street

Yongkang Street commercial area in Da’an District of Taipei is close to MRT Dongmen Station between Jinshan S. Rd. and Xinsheng S. Rd., including sections of Xinyi Rd., Jinhua St., Yongkang Street and Lishui St.. Yongkang Street commercial area is widely known for its having a number of unique characteristic stores inside the alleys, including foreign cuisine restaurants, local snack restaurants and clothes and accessories.


Yongkang Street

Location: Yongkang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106

Access: MRT to Dongmen Station → 3 minutes’ walk

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